Slide plate high frequency welding machine
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Hydraulic HF sliding plate welding machine

Model No: ZG-50000AT
Price Terms: FOB, CIF 
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T 
Minimum Order: 1 SET
Delivery Time: 15-45 Working Days
Brand Name: SINOPWR
Place of origin: China
1. Stable frequency 
   In strict accordance with the requirements of "Committee on Radio Interference" (CISPR). Oscillation Frequency: 27.12/40.68
MHZ. With a cycle stabilizer for suppression of leakage of the magnetic flux. Minimal interferes with the outside equipment. 

2. Spark restrains 
   With high sensitivity spark suppression circuits, Accurate detection of the imbalance current. Can instantly cut off the supply of the oscillation loop to restrain the sparks to protect the mold, raw materials and products. At the same time warning lights will send you the alert.

3. Strong out-put power
   Using aluminum material with good quality and low-loss coaxial resonator. More stable output high frequency. Stronger radiation shielding.

4. Oscillation current regulation
   Different output power based on product size and thickness is available. You can control the welding and guarantee the homogeneity of the quality

5. Security
   With NL 5557 over-current protection devices, can automatically cut off the supply to protect the oscillation tube and the rectifier.


specailized for welding big size products like plastic inflabtable ship,sofa,water pool,cushion and so on.