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High frequency plastic welding machine for car foot pedal

Model No: ZG-8000QT
Price Terms: FOB, CIF 
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T 
Minimum Order: 1 SET
Delivery Time: 15-45 Working Days
Brand Name: SINOPWR
Place of origin: China
1.Automatic high frequency power regulation control, high frequency parameter settings is very convenient.
2.NL - 5557 sparkle protection device, make the mould and products to minimize the damage degree;
3.Europe type high frequency coaxial resonators when high current automatically cut off the high pressure to protect oscillation tubes and rectifier.
4. Equipped with cooling device and temperature control devices, according to the customer request provides the workpiece loading and unloading equipment;
5.High frequency welding head and the pressure plate formed between the high frequency alternating current (ac) area, oscillation of cushion and carpet molecules, thus the friction heat to cushion material melting and infiltration under pressure into the strong cohesion formed in the carpet fiber.


specialized for welding car pedal.car floor. could be also used for welding and embossing pvc compose plastic products like soft glue, inflatable toy, PVC trade mark,car cushion,leather cell phone cover.