Our machine series

Date: 2014-04-01  Read: 2163

1.High frequency plastic welding machine
Applied for welding PVC,TPU,EVA or PVC contain material products like soft plastic,plastic sheet, pvc/pu leather,clothing and packaging material. The welding products usual be plastic packaging, medical bags, blister packaging, clothing embossing process, car/automotive accessory, inflatable products,toys, stationary, name card keeper and so on..

2.Blister packaging equipment
Specialized for sealing blister+blister,blister+paper-card+blister and blister+paper card for products packaging. The products is suitable for food, medical relative products, toys, hard wares, home appliance,electrics, automobile accessories, daily used, stationery,cosmetics, kitchenware and on so

3.Tube/cylinder container forming making machine
Wide used for packaging presents, toys,stationary, candy...

4.Ultrasonic plastic welder
Used for welding many kinds of plastic material like PE, PP,PVC, hard plastic. This kind of machine is Mainly used in car manufacturing industry, toy industry, stationery industry, electronics industry

5.OEM/ODM service
Design automatic/semi-automatic plastic welding machine according to clients specialized requirement, different products. Help clients increase productivity and save cost.