What is high frequency technology

Date: 2014-04-01  Read: 2172

What is high frequency technology
High-frequency (HF) welding is wide used to seal PVC and PVC compound material products like car mats, baby cushions/pillows, screen canvas, waterbeds, inflatable boats, drip and blood bags, deck canvases, conveyor belts, rain clothing, writing materials, tents, air filters, advertising canvases, etc.

Principle and advantagesThe material need to be welded is put between two metal plates (the electrodes), whereupon a high-frequency voltage is connected to the plates. When high frequency start to work, the molecules in the material start vibrating, which will result in heating up to the melting (fusing) temperature. By bringing two layers of material into the HF field at the same time and pressing them together, the layers will melt together (fuse) and a strong welded joint will be formed.

In a high-frequency field some materials molecule is easier to move/vibrate than others, it is called thermoplastic material, such as PVC and PU; these materials are specifically welded using high-frequency welding machines. Some other material is more difficult to weld with HF equipment for example, PE and various hard plastics.

The great advantage of HF-welding is the speed: because the material is heated from the inside out, the fusion takes place very quickly, material could be welded perfect within a few seconds.          
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